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’’A Pasturella’’

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Hôtel Restaurant A Pasturella


Our Starters

Homemade smocked salmon carpaccio « label rouge »
Celery remoulade with dill, lemon pearls
15,00 €

Tatin tomato confit
Onion compote, whipped cream with basil
15,00 €

Garden tomatoes Gazpacho
Oregano croutons, brocciu passu (typical aged goat cheese)
13,00 €

« Œuf parfait » - Perfect egg
Pecorino cheese mousse, parmesan cheese crumble, coppa chips
14,00 €

Vitello Tonnato « veal tuna »
Italian speciality which combines an earth taste (beef) and a sea taste (oiled tuna)
15,00 €

Corsican ham « Nustrale » plate, aged 12 months

15,00 €

Our Pasta

Potatoes gnocchi
Tomato sauce, burrata cream
18,00 €

Spaghetti alle vongole (clams)

20,00 €

Our Main dishes

Grilled Ajaccian sea bass fillet
Fried seasonal vegetables, herbs vinaigrette
24,00 €

Half-cooked tuna steak
Mint and almond pesto, carrot mousseline cooked with oranges
26,00 €

Citrus and melon ceviche (fish of the day)

23,00 €

Veal tartar, Italian style
Olives, capers, tapenade, basil pesto, parmesan cheese and homemade french fries
23,00 €

Grilled suckling lamb with Provencal herbs
Mashed potatoes with olive oil
25,00 €

Beef tenderloin
Balsamic vinegar sauce, arugula, parmesan cheese pieces, sweet potatoes cream
27,00 €

Our menu evolves regularly, so the one presented on our website is only for information.